The International Maternity and Parenting Institute™ (IMPI) provides the world's most progressive and holistic career and evidenced based training for birth and postpartum professionals. This includes a variety of certification programs such as Baby Planner, Maternity & Child Sleep Coach, Maternity & Parenting Health Practitioner and much more. In addition IMPI offers holistic education, support and resources for parents such as the Conscious Parenting Workout and Livelihood Parenting. IMPI is currently represented in 46 countries globally. Programs are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

Baby Planner Certification

Baby Planner Certification

Sleep Consultant Certification

Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant

Greenproofing Certification

Eco-Maternity Consultant

Maternity Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coach



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Congratulations to Victoria Peneva in Germany for officially becoming a Certified Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant today! ...

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Finding a career you’re passionate about is the best feeling ever! 🙌🏼
But watching your business positively impact lives, grow and flourish, while developing work-life management, focusing on self-care, and achieving financial freedom is even better!❣️
From $20 in my bank account left from my savings, not knowing how I was going to pay rent the next month and take care of my daughter, my company International Parenting & Health Institute was born! 🤱🏻
Not only did I find a solution for this massive challenge I faced as a single mom, but I found a way utilizing all my talents, skills, training and education to positively impact the lives of families and children while helping others who were in a similar position like me start and grow successful businesses. 🌟
Here I am 10 years later starting out from almost nothing to growing a business that is now represented in 46 countries with over 3000 graduates, 20 instructors and programs in 9 different languages. 🌏
Today I am proud to prelaunch and share with you a preview of my company’s new website and certification program offerings. 📚
✓ You are truly passionate about helping pregnancy, parenting and health clients
✓ You are committed to building a business you’ll be proud of
✓ Your views and philosophies are holistic, integrative and you want to help empower families to do what is best for THEM using a customized approach
✓ You see solutions rather than problems
✓ You love working within a community of people who help each other
✓ You care about high quality standard certification process and value the strength of the organization that stands behind it .... Then☝🏽
IPHI is right for you! 😉
Visit to learn more.🥳
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International Maternity and Parenting Institute

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Debunking Intermittent Reinforcement in Relationship To Child Sleep

by Mar De Carlo Book Excerpt, “Awakening Through Sleep” Nov 17 2015 Intermittent Reinforcement Intermittent reinforcement is a commonly used term in the world of child sleep and parenting in general. Intermittent Reinforcement is when rules, rewards or personal boundaries are handed out or enforced inconsistently and occasionally which usually encourages another person to keep […]


Dear Students, Graduates and Members, We have some very exciting announcements here at the International Maternity and Parenting Institute and we wanted to let you know what’s on the horizon. First and foremost, we wanted to let you know that we are changing our name from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI) to the […]

Mar De Carlo, founder of International Parenting & Health Institute Introduces and Coins “Sleep Optimizing” for her Holistic Sleep Program and the Adult & Child Sleep Consultant Industry

With the launch of her book, “Awakening Through Sleep” and with the continued advancement of her Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant program via the International Parenting and Health Institute, Mar De Carlo coins a new term, “Sleep Optimizing” to support the integrative customized strategies and approaches she and her certified graduates use when working […]

International Parenting & Health Institute Welcomes Marisol Michaud to teach French Business Mastery & NLP Program

Marisol Michaud will begin offering IPHI’s Business Mastery Program launching end of February 2019 and NLP program launching May 2019 in French. It’s by being above all a mother of three girls and a stepmom, living the adventure of the step-family that Marisol was inspired to lead her company and fulfill her role as a […]

International Maternity & Parenting Institute Expands to International Parenting & Health Institute

Press Contact Mar De Carlo Founder, International Parenting & Health Institute P: 805.272.8702 E: | Web:         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE International Maternity & Parenting Institute Prepares to Expand to International Parenting & Health Institute June 16, 2018 (Ojai, California) – The International Maternity & Parenting Institute (IMPI) (currently represented in […]

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