Your body is your first and foremost environment. It is the environment that you never leave, nor enter. Green Body Green Birth provides an in depth understanding of your body’s own toxins and terrain and shows you how greening your body and mind leads to a healthier body, a healthier pregnancy, and a greener world outside.

Whether one is a soon to be mother, or just someone looking to gain deeper insights into their health, Green Body Green Birth is for everyone. Readers are provided with simple, practical, and effective solutions to empower their health and their life.


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The Baby Planner Profession: What You Need to Know is in the process of being revised and undergoing a huge makeover! Stay tuned for the next updated release coming in 2013!

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The Baby Planner Profession: What You Need to Know provides baby planner professionals or those interested in a baby planning career with all the tools and resources necessary to get started in the new industry of baby planning. This book defines the role of a baby planner, establishes a scope of practice, and covers a wide variety of topics: birthing basics, green basics, childproofing, child care, sales and pricing, breastfeeding basics, sleeping basics, product basics, business basics, liability, and much more.


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